Who we are.

Founded under the slogan "Society for Consulting and Implementation", GCI began in 1991 as a strategy consultancy with a focus on process optimisation. Over the following decades, GCI continuously developed from a consultant to a co-entrepreneur of its customers. Combined with an affinity for the capital market, this resulted in GCI AG as a listed industrial holding company, which later changed its name to MS Industrie AG. The result of this long journey from consultant to entrepreneur is today's GCI Management Consulting GmbH, GCI for short, a platform for ventures and consulting projects.

The active team of GCI consists of about 30 entrepreneurs with economic, legal or engineering backgrounds. In addition, there is a network of alumni, business partners and investors that has grown over many years. GCI is thus ideally positioned to manage its own diversified investment portfolio and at the same time provide selected clients with entrepreneurial advice. The individual company can always rely on the experience and network of the entire group and find the competent contact person for any entrepreneurial issue.

GCI's approach, whether as an entrepreneur or as an advisor, is geared towards the long term and partnership. The long-term success of a company always has priority over short-term profit maximisation or one-off effects. Accordingly, GCI accompanies its investments and customers, sometimes over decades. In doing so, great value is placed on a joint exchange at eye level and personal relationships are cultivated beyond the horizon of individual projects.


What we do.

Founders & Startups

When a company is founded, a business idea encounters the reality of the market and competition. Founders have to make decisions and compromises on a daily basis, often with limited information and without being able to assess the consequences of their own actions with certainty. GCI stands by founders as an experienced co-entrepreneur, especially in this demanding phase. As part of the "GCI family", young companies in particular should benefit from the experience and network of the entire group so that they can get off to the most successful and efficient start possible. GCI is a sparring partner in all strategic questions as well as in the core topics of financing and structuring under company law. As a rule, the operational management remains entirely with the founders, although in individual cases and after consultation, support by members of the GCI team as part of the management is possible.


Medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies in Germany are typically characterised by tradition, experience and a high degree of technical competence. Often family-owned over several generations, values such as quality, continuity and reliability are at the forefront. GCI supports companies in the SME sector, especially in issues that lie outside of the operative core business. These include, in particular, corporate transactions, succession solutions and financing projects with banks and investors. We attach great importance to getting to know each company on an equal footing in order to understand its individual characteristics and needs.

Furthermore, GCI has many years of experience in the German and European capital markets. As an accredited issuing expert of the Munich Stock Exchange, GCI provides support in all matters relating to the stock market. In doing so, GCI specifically enables small and medium-sized companies to implement IPOs as well as to access alternative financing options such as bonds or mezzanine capital, while at the same time keeping the effort and costs reasonable for the company.

Special Situations & Restructuring

GCI accompanies entrepreneurs in situations that require a fundamental change of the existing company. This includes economic crises, changes in the political or regulatory framework as well as changes at management and shareholder level. Since time is often the critical factor in these situations, precise analysis, pragmatic measures and consistent implementation are crucial. GCI benefits from the experience of its own companies over the last 30 years, which were characterised by various crises, from the dotcom bubble to the financial and euro crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic. In special situations there are no patent remedies, which is why GCI relies on tailor-made concepts that take into account the interests of all stakeholders and create a solution that is sustainable for the company in the long term.