aifinyo AG

aifinyo AG is a fintech in the field of smart billing solutions. The innovative platform of aifinyo enables freelancers and SMEs to efficiently handle all invoice-related processes and offers access to uncomplicated financing solutions through factoring and finetrading.

GCI has accompanied aifinyo AG since its founding in 2010. At that time still operating under the name Elbe Finanzgruppe, the company started with classic factoring solutions for small businesses. In the following years, aifinyo consistently focused on the digitalisation of invoicing and credit checking processes and gradually developed into an innovative fintech. Through several strategic acquisitions, the strong organic growth was complemented and additional business areas were established. In 2018, the company was converted into a public limited company and shortly afterwards went public on the Munich Stock Exchange.

In 2022, Aifinyo employed around 70 people and generated a turnover of around €54 million. In the process, the customer business exceeded a transaction volume of over € 370 million for the first time. GCI Partner Florian Renner has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board of aifinyo AG for many years and continuously supports the Board of Directors as a sparring partner on strategic issues. In addition, GCI supports aifinyo in the implementation of M&A projects and in capital market issues.



FRENER & REIFER is an innovative specialist for façades and building envelopes and develops, manufactures and installs highly complex special constructions made of metal and glass for visionary architectural projects worldwide. FRENER & REIFER supports architects, specialist planners and building owners throughout the entire process, from consultation and planning to production and assembly, right through to maintenance and refurbishment.

GCI has been supporting FRENER & REIFER since 2019, originally as part of a succession solution. This required the implementation of a complex and lengthy balance sheet restructuring, taking into account Italian rules and regulations. A suitable holding structure was created to raise additional shareholder funds from its own network and to issue a listed bond. During the implementation of the restructuring, GCI took over the coordination of all parties involved in the process, the validation of the content of the restructuring plan as well as the communication and negotiations with the creditors.

On an operational level, GCI supports FRENER & REIFER both in commercial processes such as corporate and liquidity planning, reporting and project controlling, as well as in strategic topics such as the establishment of an ESG sustainability area including associated structures and reports.

Founded in 1974, the long-established company currently generates a group turnover of approx. 50 million EUR and employs over 130 people at locations in Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA.

nushu GmbH

nushu GmbH is a start-up founded in 2018 and is now the largest German-language female business and career network independent of position and industry. The network is aimed at female professionals and executives and offers members direct exchange via its own community app as well as online and live events, training and job opportunities. Corporate partners have the opportunity to interact with the target group and present their own company as an attractive employer.

GCI financed nushu as a business angel and supports the company and in particular the founder Melanie Schütze as a sparring partner in the areas of financing, strategy, business model development as well as reporting and controlling. In this context, GCI provides a managing director for the company in the person of Felix Bausch, who mainly supports the company in financial and administrative matters.

The young team around the founder Melanie Schütze currently consists of about 10 people and is based in Munich. In addition to the further development and expansion of the existing network, the internationalisation of the business model is planned for the future.